In 2016 Mind Body Soul Healing Founders Arjan Namdev and Liz O'Hara traveled to Ecuador to continue their yoga training at Durga's Tiger School of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism. Having come from different backgrounds and studying in various yoga lineages they both fell in love with Durgas Tiger Training as it brought together so many aspects of different yogic teachings and offered an entirely new experience and environment to learn yoga in unlike any other. Durga's Tiger training is a non linear approach and an experiential approach to yoga training, A far cry from the academic approach of many schools in the western world, emphasis was placed instead on the inner experience of the students and the expansion that comes through group interactions and sharing circles. Arjan and Liz fell in love and made friends immediately with the administration at Durgas Tiger school. Their extensive experience in many schools of yoga and their deep love and appreciation for this new approach made them naturals to join the team and begin teaching the training themselves. Our team found this experience to be a "yoga teachers teacher training" particularly great for those who already have some experience practicing and teaching yoga.

Durga's Tiger Teacher training is a unique combination of teachings, practices, and ceremonies including Tantra, Kundalini, Pranayama, Chakra Psychology, Shamanism, Ecstatic Dance, Art and indigenous plant medicines. It stands alone in its universal approach that blends wisdom from traditions around the world. This is why Mind Body Soul Healing is so excited to be involved in this YTT certification program that matches our vision of uniting the spiritual traditions of the world to create a more inclusive and complete cosmology and society. Another unique aspect of this program is excursions to the jungle and to indigenous communities to give students an opportunity to experience life in the jungle first hand.

Mind Body Soul Healing is teaming up with Durga's Tiger School to offer YTT certifications covered by both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International in May and Sept 2017. More info on specific dates coming soon...

for more info call us at 647-570-6342 or send us an email. You can also find more info about Durga's Tiger School via their website: http://durgas-tiger-school.com/