As we have mentioned throughout the site, we are eager to help support our clients in every way possible. We are also eager to help other practitioners and other businesses, and feel that by working together with the help of entire communities, abundance of health, wealth and happiness can be enjoyed by all.

Here are some links to some of our friends' websites.

House Of Energy
There is a cozy little place in Kensington Market known as House of Energy .... a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life, filled with beautiful crystals and hand crafted jewellery, where a wide variety of organic teas are also available. This is a great space to come down and check out some crystals or organic teas. Periodically, John Arjan will be 'in the house' offering pay-what-you-can Reiki sessions.

The Village Healing Center
Several of our practitioners at Mind Body Soul Healing work out of the Village Healing Center, a beautiful space where alternative health care practitioners offer a wide variety of services and community events.

Kore Changes
Mind Body Soul Healing wouldn't have become manifest if it weren't for Melanie Ollenberg, It was Melanie who attuned John Arjan, the founder of Mind Body Soul Healing, to Reiki and opened the doors that would lead to him creating Mind Body Soul Healing. It is a great honor to have Melanie on the Mind Body Soul Healing team . Kore Changes is Melanie's own website and has a list of all the services and events she offers through Kore Changes.

Toronto Acupuncture Studio
The Toronto Acupuncture Studio is part of a Community Acupuncture movement whose goal it is to offer affordable acupuncture to help build stronger communities. The community acupuncture model gets back to the roots of how acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years – in a group setting. Patients lie in comfortable recliners, fully clothed, in a quiet, soothing room. Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits: it allows you to come in as often as you need to, it’s easy for friends and family members to come in for treatments together, and many people find it comforting to be sharing a healing space.