Aum Sat Nam Sacred beings

It is with great joy that we invite you to join us in this adventure!

The Magical Mystical Miracle Tour is our greatest new project, and will be the way we take the energy and vision we have been building with Mind Body Soul Healing and its sister organization the Psychic Vibrations Creative Collective and share it with the world.

In spring of 2020 we plan to start out on the road for a continental tour of North America. But not just any tour, We will be buying a school bus and converting it into a mobile home and traveling Musical, Artistic and Healing studio. This Bus will become the mobile headquarters of both Mind Body Soul Healing and the Psychic Vibrations Creative Collective.

Our overall goal for this vision is to create a community funded Documentary film project that follows us on this adventure as we transform the bus by gutting the seats, installing sustainable energy systems including solar and wind generators, plastic to fuel reclamation systems and kinetic energy solutions. Then we will begin making into home, building our recording studio and living space. As we transform the Bus we will begin to travel around North and Central American teaching yoga classes and offering group healing experiences, training practitioners in the healing arts, Hosting outdoor music and dance events, organizing traveling arts and crafts markets, collaborating with musicians and artists to create albums and Filming the stories of the people we meet and the places we travel to.

We will be launching a Fundraising campaign to help us make this dream a reality as we begin building and filming, in preparation to begin travelling. Once we are on the road we will be visiting various locations across America offering yoga retreats and concerts as well as visiting the benefactors who helped make this project happen through their hard work helping raising awareness as well as their financial donations. During the process of this tour we will be visiting sustainable communities and learning more about perma-culture and sharing the gifts we have far and wide in our mission to do our very best to help accelerate the beautiful transformation of this planet we see happening at this great time of cosmic alignment.

At the end of our year long tour we will begin editing the film. But you won't have to wait until then to see and hear the story as we will be uploading video and musical content to our YouTube channel all along the way sharing interviews with all the beautiful people we meet and helping to create unity between people helping to change the world.

For more info and ongoing updates and to become a part of the conversation and planning process of this project, please visit our youtube channel, follow us on twitter or join us on facebook. And stay tuned for links to our kickstarter campaign and donations links here on our website.

We are very excited to share this journey with you, may you all be happy and may all of your dreams come true!

Namaste ~ Mind Body Soul Healing