Welcome friends!
We are very happy to invite
you to join us for an intimate evening in our home and healing space to explore the wonderful world of sacred sexuality.

The ancient cultures of the East had a very different view of sexuality, a far cry from the repressed and distorted expression of sexual union which is so prevalent in the western world.
Through the practices of Yoga, Tantra and Taoism we will be exploring a new way to experience sexuality as individuals or with partners. This workshop is geared towards those wishing to heal their relationship with sexuality, with their partners and with the masculine and feminine energies which reside within us all and cultivate sexual energy for the purpose of spiritual evolution.

The spiritual philosophies of various eastern cultures all agree that there are two great energies whose dance with one another is responsible for the entire manifest universe and all the various forms within it. It isn't hard to see that in nature there are two great forces acting and reacting to one another. The Taoist tradition called them Yin and Yang, and in Yoga and Tantra we see a similar expression of lunar and solar energies. In our tangible world we see these dynamics most readily available for examination in the polarity of male and female energies. What a lot of people don't realize however is that each of us contains both of these energies equally, no matter whether we manifest as male or female forms.

We are excited to invite Singles and Couples alike to learn how to bring unity to those energies within the body through breath, posture, visualization, diet and how to share this journey with another to transform sexuality into a path towards enlightenment.

A list of some of the exercises and teachings we will share:
~The Role of Diet in Cultivating Kundalini
~Tantra basics for singles and couples
~Tantra myths and rumors dispelled
~Tantric breathing exercises
~Yoga Asana and Mudra for sexual health
~Building trust and intimacy
~Developing a Tantric lifestyle
~Sexual reflexology and acupressure
~Cultivating sexual energy for self healing on all levels
~Redirecting orgasmic energy towards the inner world
~Safety in sexual cultivation practices


Tantric sacred sexuality is an incredible journey of transformation, and requires a level of commitment and dedication. Here is how best to prepare yourselves to begin this journey:

~Begin with the diet, leading up to the workshop, remove meat, dairy and processed foods from the diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the coming weeks, drink lots of water. Avoid any packaged foods and un-natural ingredients.
~Start self examination, Journaling, exploring your relationship with sex and intimacy, with breath, food, family and the world outside.
~Practice celibacy, to begin this journey it is important to build up a reserve of sexual energy. The way most people experience their sexuality involves wasting a lot of energy. Feel free to explore your bodies but avoid ejaculation or orgasm, this will make a huge difference.
~Take quite time and avoid any intoxicants, or chaotic environments. Everything we do effects our creative energy in one way or another, For Tantric cultivation to be successful one must be very mindful what type of energies they allow into their lives.

~Loose fitting clothes
~Yoga Mats
~Journals and writing materials
~Attitude of enthusiasm and openness
~Readiness to share with new friends

~judgements of self or others
~intoxicants of any kind
~synthetic chemical fragrances from perfumes and deodorant


This is going to be an intimate event held in a safe and sacred space, we will be practicing fully clothed and there will be no sexual conduct as we tend to think of it, a common misconception of tantra is that its all about sex, although working with sexual energy this couldn't be further from the truth. We want everyone to know they will be safe and comfortable here and it is of utmost importance that everyone arrives with an attitude of reverence and respect for one another and themselves.
This event is open to anyone 18 and older, any shape, size, sexual orientation, singles or couples, men, woman or any other sexual identity.
This will be a great opportunity to share, learn, grow and build sacred friendships with each other based upon mutual respect and love. Anyone who can't respect these guidelines will be respectfully asked to leave for the sanctity and safety of everyone present, but this is just a disclaimer, don't fear, we doubt there will be any troubles at all.

You do not need to be in an intimate or sexual relationship with someone to share a sacred tantric experience, so feel free to bring a friend along who you feel comfortable with sharing a sacred experience.

We are allergic and these chemicals are harmful and will interfere with the whole experience for everyone.

COST: $90 per person

(includes food and drinks)
Limited space of 12 participants (call now to reserve)

Blessings of love and light,
Namaste ♥