Greetings blessed brothers and sisters!

It is our great honor to welcome you to join us for this sacred healing ceremony.

Hape is a very special and sacred plant medicine which is prepared by various indigenous tribes of South America. It is a powder made of a combination of a wide variety of sacred medicinal plants which is administered by a shamanic practitioner by blowing the medicine into the nostrils. This medicine has a powerful effect on the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands in the brain. It restores balance between the left and right hemispheres, decalcifies the Pineal gland, re-aligns and cleanses the chakras, detoxifies the mental, emotional and physical bodies and removes any unhealthy energies from the being.

Hape is particularly effective at reversing nerve damage in the brain, and clearing addictions and damage from addictive substances.

The experience can range from quite mild to rather intense depending on the level of cleansing required, and can also be tailored to the individual needs depending on their readiness to detoxify. For those who are brave and seek deep cleansing a more powerful mixture can be used in higher doses, or for those who wish to ease into the process smaller doses of more gentle medicines can be administered.

The ceremony will be held on a new moon to increase the energy of purging. And we will also be guiding our guests through a shamanic drum journey and a sharing circle during the evening.
Here is how to prepare:

~Spend time leading up to the experience journaling and exploring your own inner worlds. connecting to spirit and your body, cleaning up your diet and eating lots of fresh fruits, drinking lots of water, and avoiding any intoxicants, especially cigarettes and alcohol.
~Come with an intention for healing ~Fast the day of the event, eating only fruits in the morning and afternoon and drinking lots of water with lemon or lime, and leaving your bellies empty for at least three hours prior to the event. Light food will be served after the ceremony is complete

Disclaimer: Hape is a safe, effective, and legal medicine. The experience is intense for some however and can involve light purging in the form of nausea and vomiting (nothing extreme) and a stimulation of the elimination process causing bowel movements (not involuntary). This medicine is NOT a drug, and has no intoxicating effect. It is quite sobering in fact and could easily be described as the opposite effect of many intoxicants, restoring clarity and consciousness to the being. It is EXTREMELY important to arrive to this event sober and avoid intoxicants in the days leading up to the event.

Many Hape mixtures do contain a small amount of sacred tobacco along with a combination of other powerful plants from the amazon, to best serve you it is important we know of any health conditions, or medications you may be taking to make sure this is an appropriate time for you to partake in this medicine.

We are allergic and these chemicals are harmful and will interfere with the efficacy of the medicine for everyone.

We look forward to joining together for healing ourselves and the planet,

Cost: $30
Limited space of 11 participants.